Frequently Asked Questions

Is this site a secured site for online shopping regarding mobile phones and its accessories?
Ans: Yes, it is 100% secured. Since, we have been connected to a secure site; you can enjoy mobile phone online shopping without any hassle. So, you will serve here with full confidence regarding online shopping. The details like name, address and credit card are kept confidentially.

When will our ordered products be delivered to us?
Ans: No worry, no hassle, we will dispatch your ordered products in the next working days.

Do we need to give any extra charges for delivering of our products?
Ans: No extra charges require at all. However, if the products have to be dispatched outside the country, we will take some negligible amount of extra charges from you.

Give us some suggestions regarding changing the tariff plans after we have brought the products?
Ans: Absolutely, you will not get the chance to change the tariff plans after you have already brought the products from us. However, it is possible to change the tariffs, if our terms and conditions are fulfilled. If you not, you have to continue for the specific period our contract with us.

How can we buy the latest handsets without paying large sum of budgets?
Ans: To get the latest handsets without paying large sum of money, you have to go for contract mobile phone deals. With our contract offers, you will get lucrative offers like free texts, free minutes and many more.